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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For wheelchair-accessible taxis and liveries in New York City, based upon universal design principles

Statement of Edith Prentiss, Chair of Taxis For All Campaign,

on Rejection by Judge George B. Daniels of City's Motion

to Dismiss Accessible Taxi Lawsuit

May 24, 2011

"We're elated by Judge Daniels's decision—made from the bench—to reject the City's attempt to get Noel v. TLC dismissed.

Our attorneys made it clear that the City's attempts to claim that federal and state law do not apply to its regulation of the taxi system are wrong."

In his decision, Judge Daniels said he wanted to know if the TLC is taking steps that would result in "reasonable, meaningful access" for wheelchair users. He called for discovery in the case to move forward in anticipation of a conference with the plaintiffs, represented by Disabilities Rights Advocates, and the defendant—the City of New York--on August 10.

Before oral arguments, plaintiffs and other supporters in the case held a news conference outside the United States Courthouse of the Southern District in downtown Manhattan, holding signs reading, "NYC & TLC: Obey the Law" and "Taxi Roulette—1 in 57 Chance" with a picture of a roulette wheel. This is a reference to the fact that there are only 232 wheelchair-accessible taxis out of 13,237 taxis in New York City.

For more information, please contact Joseph G. Rappaport at 646-284-1078, 212-662-4449 or jgrappaport @

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